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"Thank you all for your help, kindness, and friendship. God bless you all!"
Apr 23, 2019
"Wonderful therapists and assistance. With Hope there is no need to go anywhere else!"
Apr 23, 2019
"This was a very helpful experience. The whole staff was great!!"
Apr 23, 2019
"I was able to regain full strength back in my shoulder to continue playing tennis with no pain."
Apr 23, 2019
"Awesome and knowledgable therapists!"
Apr 23, 2019
"It was a great experience coming here. I have had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know several of the staff. They are all very good physical therapists. I have been taken care of real well. Good luck to all."
Apr 23, 2019
"I enjoyed being here. The staff was very professional, kind, and welcoming. I can tell they are very concerned about their patients, just from watching how they treat other patients when I come in for my therapy."
Apr 23, 2019
"Awesome team of physical therapists and techs. I enjoyed coming here and will come back for other therapy needs. Highly recommend!"
Apr 23, 2019
"I was very impressed with every aspect of my therapy. Everyone is so kind and caring. All of my goals were met, even faster than I expected."
Apr 23, 2019
"Thankful for your amazing staff for their professional and caring assistance to get me back in action."
Apr 23, 2019
"I love coming here because Flops and I are always greeted, and treated, with genuine enthusiasm. Every courtesy, and more, were afforded to me. I really like the reasons for the exercises, and what they were designed to do."
Apr 23, 2019
"I recommend Hope Therapy to anybody that wants to enjoy the exercise they provide. Real pleasant environment and very specialized personnel."
Apr 23, 2019
"Hope (trainers) not only reduced my pain and stiffness but taught me how to manage my activities to help prevent future problems. Also, through educating me about how my body worked, I now am confident I can handle situations to minimize future problems. Thank you Hope Angles!"
Apr 23, 2019
"Wonderful staff from support staff to therapists. Didn't think PT worked until I came to Hope. Do yourself a favor and go to them!"
Apr 23, 2019
"All the staff has been extremely kind, good at listening, ad professional when working with me. I am able to walk much better without sciatica pain and am feeling much relief from muscle pain in my back. Thank you for everything!"
Apr 23, 2019
"Hope Physical Therapy was great! They had patient, capable, and knowledgable staff, clean facilities, and exercises I can follow through with. And most importantly, no more pain! Thanks!"
Apr 23, 2019
"Each and everyone that I worked with was very knowledgeable and was able to improve my condition. I do recommend HOPE and I will return if I need additional therapy."
Jan 25, 2019
"I arrived in pain and bent over. During the healing therapy here at HOPE, I was able to regain strength and the pain has been eliminated. With the printed exercises, I have great confidence to continue to strengthen my body. My sincere thanks to a super team at HOPE!"
Jan 17, 2019
"After a 2nd knee replacement, my recovery time was cut in half from the time required to rehab the first knee replacement. Techs were thorough and kept me in line to not over do it, as I was looking to return to a resemblance of normal lifestyle. - December 2018 "
Jan 17, 2019
"When I got in my accident, I thought there was no hope to be how I previously was, but once I started coming here, it helped me in many ways. It gave me hope and the drive to get better. I never want to get in an accident again, but I am glad that I was able to meet such amazing people. 5 months well spent! - December 2018"
Jan 17, 2019
"Everyone was extremely friendly and professional. The physical space is clean and comfortable. It feels like y'all are family. My hips ached so much it work me up multiple times a night, I am amazed at the improvement in my hips and my sleep is so much improved. - December 2018"
Jan 17, 2019
"I had a full hip replacement done and was referred for PT. I was frustrated with what I was unable to do when I started. (Couldn’t tie my own shoes or pick up anything from the floor) In about 6 weeks with the staff at Hope I not only tie my shoe, but I am walking stairs with no problems. (Doing lunges, etc.) You can’t find a better, friendlier place than Hope to help you!- August 2018"
Jan 10, 2019
"-When I started physical therapy at HOPE, I was having trouble just standing & getting up from sitting. I had done some stretching & exercises on my own previously, but they weren’t helping. The exercises & posture recommendations made by my physical therapists made a big difference & helped me to get much better over just a few weeks. I would recommend HOPE PT to anyone in need of Physical Therapy. - November 2018"
Jan 10, 2019
"I came to Hope Physical Therapy + Aquatics in a lot of pain because of a shoulder injury. My goal was to gain full range of motion in my shoulder as well as become pain free. Well thanks to the friendliest staff of Hope PT + Aquatics, namely Christina (the greatest PT in the world) along with Samantha, Grace, Gracie and all who assisted in my PT care plan. I have full ROM and am pain free! Thank you all! September 2018 "
Jan 10, 2019
"I came to Hope Physical Therapy and Aquatics in a lot of pain. I had been hurting for so long, it had just become a part of life. After a few months of working with the talented, caring staff, I felt like a new person. I am leaving well equipped to manage my neck pain should it return with a printed set of exercises and exercise equipment. Thank you Hope staff for being so kind + THANK YOU for helping me. I will continue to recommend you to my friends. Y’all Rock!!! - August 2018"
Jan 10, 2019
"I was so scared of a hip replacement and did not know what to expect. I graduated from potty chair and walker to walking Without even a cane most of the time. My strength, balance and stamina have improved. And last, wonderful therapy on my surgery scar. So pleased! - September 2018"
Jan 10, 2019
"I highly recommend this place! The staff is very professional, and they helped me immensely in dealing with my back pain. - September 2018"
Jan 10, 2019
"Christina was always very motivating, even when I was tired or discouraged. She gave me the encouragement that I needed to try harder and know that I would improve with time and work. - July 2018"
Jan 10, 2019
"I always had an attitude that PT really didn’t work & was a waste of time. After several weeks of PT @ HOPE, I have completely changed my outlook. The professional & friendly staff worked with me & listened to my comments. I was always asked about my pain level, what exercises I did at home, and what exercises I felt like I needed extra attention on. This PT facility has quickly made me forget I had a knee replacement!! November 2018"
Jan 09, 2019
"The program designed for me here at Hope has tremendously helped me and will be a factor in the exercising I will continue. "A plus in my life!" - 8/22/2018 "
Jan 08, 2019
Josh O.
You all rock! Best place and staff ever!

Josh O. January 2019

Traci W.
I came to HOPE after an on the job injury. At first I was thinking it was not going to help me get back to what mobility I had before the injury, but here I am, being discharged with the same (if not better) mobility that I had. Thank you to the wonderful staff that not only helped but made it enjoyable.

Traci W. January 2019

Richard F.
Kristen was great. She was patient, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and caring. She was very understanding and always concerned about my pain level. I couldn’t have been in better hands.

Richard F. January 2019

Amanda B.
It was great! Thank you!!

Amanda B. January 2019

Leo T.
Hope has a pleasant atmosphere. I never felt rushed or pushed beyond my limits. Sara’s massages were wonderful and Christina pinpoints problem areas and chooses exercises that were right on target. I started out with pain in my right shoulder and limited range of motion. Upon completion, my range of motion was greatly restored and pain was almost non-existent. My therapy was very successful – What more could I have asked?

Leo T. January 2019

Matthew H.
Ms. Bullard was able to get me back on my feet and active again in record time, despite the fact that other medical professionals insisted I needed surgery on an 8mm herniated disc. She was highly patient and professional throughout the process.

Matthew H. November 2018

Maryanne F.
Rehabilitation after 3 back surgeries and 1 neck surgery in 2-1/2 years was very hard. Hope made it easy and fun! Wonderful and knowledgeable people made it worry free! Thanks for a great experience!

Maryanne F. October 2018

James N.
I highly recommend this place! The staff is very professional, and they helped me immensely in dealing with my back pain.

James N. September 2018

Steven L.
I came to Hope PT initially for Dry Needling. From the very first session I was so impressed with the knowledge and complete evaluation I was given. The deep tissue work was awesome, and the exercises were fun. It’s been a very positive and more importantly an improvement in my ability and wellbeing.

Steven L. September 2018

Frank D.
I thought my injury would take months to heal, but under the outstanding therapists‘ care at Hope PT, I was all better in 6 weeks.

Frank D.

I came to Hope after my shoulder and have had no problems since. Then I had a tear in my glute and they have helped me so much. Everyone is great, especially Sara, she worked with me on my shoulder and my tear on my glute. Christina is the best, she listens to what hurts and is so caring. Christina and Sara are the very best.

Bernice F. July 2018

After continuous training throughout my adult years the joint in my shoulder had “0” cartilage remaining. After a dull shoulder replacement “Hope” was the rehab facility I picked. From day one with their expertise there was continuous progress. After 6 months I was released by my doctor for resistance rehab. In less than a month my strength was 60-70% of my other shoulder. Such a tremendous staff and super friendly! They did an amazing job.

Eddie C. July 2018

When I first started therapy, I realized that I needed to work strengthening my legs and arms. The many different exercises and routines at each session were enjoyable and beneficial. Upon completion, I feel like I can do exercises at home and outside of the house walking and volunteering in the community doing some work. Therapy was definitely crucial in helping me achieve that goal.

Fred N. July 2018

I had a shoulder replacement 03/23/18. With the excellent care I received at Hope, I was released by my doctor 06/26/18. I feel great and am so thankful for the care I received.

Stanley T. June 2018

When I first entered treatment for my torn rotator cuff it was with the understanding that surgery would probably be necessary. I was just strengthening area in prep for surgery. Now, I have almost complete use of my right arm and feel with continued exercises as instructed by Hope therapists, surgery may no longer be necessary. Thank you Hope folks!!

Bonnie P. June 2018

I feel great about my knee physical therapy. I can now get on the floor to play with my grand babies, something I had not been able to do for about one year due to pain and due to surgery. Now, after working with the amazing physical therapist here: Sara, Chris, James, Samantha, etc… I am on my way to a great improvement on my Quality of Life. God bless you all.

Margarita R. June 2018

This is my second time here. Always a pleasant and positive environment. Everyone is very attentive and everyone knows your name.

Chris L. June 2018

I went from being in an awful lot of pain to almost nothing. The equipment is the best I have ever used and the staff couldn’t be more thoughtful and friendly. Everyone went out of their way to get me to this point.

Camille J. May 2018

A faculty of respectful and caring people that strive to bring a strong knowledge to their craft and maintain a facility that shows that professionalism.

David A. April 2018

This is my first time to have physical therapy, but I would definitely recommend this place to anyone needed it. Really like each therapist who worked with me.

Joann P. April 2018

I have been treated in other physical therapy facilities that were efficient and adequate but this one goes above and beyond to create good results.

Jeanette D. April 2018

Hope Physical Therapy provides a good environment for a successful rehab. All the employees are extremely nice and take a real interest in ensuring needs are met. Quality time is spent with each patient and they listen to the patient as far as what your goals and strive to make your rehab a positive experience.

Jeff G. April 2018

I had physical therapy for a rotator cuff surgery. My physical therapist was always conscious of my pain level and would increase my mobility incrementally. I have completed my physical therapy and have full range of motion. Thank you, Hope Physical Therapy and my therapist, especially “Molly.”

Darwin W. March 2018

From the time I walked in the door, Hope employees made my therapy their focus. Hope is filled with employees that treat their clients from their hearts. Their physical therapy knowledge and techniques are top-notch in treat their clients. Thank you Hope… I survived!

David B. December 2017