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Welcome to Hope Physical Therapy and Aquatics in League City, Texas

Hope Physical Therapy & Aquatics has been in business since 2003 dedicated to the best quality care available to our patients and long term solutions for their conditions. Hope Physical Therapy & Aquatics is locally owned and operated by Chris Emrich, who is dedicated to the health and well being of the people in our community. We have years of success and thousands of happy patients. Our patients are all unique individuals, so are their conditions, and their treatment for healing.

Our Therapists:
  • We listen.
  • We identify what specific tissue is painful and treat the cause of that pain.
  • We address the whole body.
  • We work to help make you stronger, stable, and better able to heal to protect your future health.
  • We combine hands on treatment with the appropriate dosing of exercises to achieve maximal function.

Our Hope Therapy Family of Graduates

  • Ransom T.

    Before PT, I couldn't jump well, I ran awkwardly, and I couldn't turn well while running. After completing my PT at HOPE, I can jump, run and turn while running.
  • Jessy A.

    After surgery, I had back pain. It was difficult to sit, stand up, bend over, walk small distances, and get in/out of the shower. I had to take pain medicine to get daily chores done. I was 95% better after my very first day at HOPE! The exercises and manual therapy relaxed my back so I could do my daily chores. I am already back at work, which requires a lot of physical activity. Thank you for all the technicians and Doctors with HOPE. I recommend them to my family and friends.
  • Marc F.

    I had difficulties with numbness, cold, and tingling across my shoulders and down my arms all the way to my fingers. After completing my PT, the tingling, numbness, and pain have ceased.
  • Leigh Ann L.

    I had limited strength in my hips before coming to PT, but now I have built strength and have the exercises to continue at home.
  • Robert L.

    Before I started therapy at HOPE Physical Therapy and Aquatics, I was having some balance issues, tremors interfered with eating (esp. soup or salad) and felt less ‘stable’. I was running into walls and stumbled while walking dog on uneven surfaces. As a result of my physical therapy at HOPE Physical Therapy and Aquatics I feel much better balanced, have a couple of techniques (finger flinches, and “BIG” fingers) to help control tremors in my right hand, and better stability walking. Even my chiropractor has noticed the “BIG” improvement.
  • Christopher B.

    Hope is the first place I have ever gone for treatment that has actually helped. I have tried chiropractors, massage places, and pain doctors and none of it has even come close to the progress I’ve made here. Before Hope I couldn’t even get up out of bed without rolling off, and now, my abs are strong enough to be all I need. My pain levels have gone down tremendously thanks to everyone at Hope. Thanks ya’ll!
  • Mary Lou M.

    I learned a lot and everyone was kind and took care of me. They were always concerned with how I felt and made sure I was not doing too much. They know what they are doing. But most of all, they all worked together to make my knee get better.
  • Leo T.

    I started out with pain in my right shoulder and limited range of motion. Upon completion, my range of motion was greatly restored and pain was almost non-existent. My therapy was very successful - What more could I have asked?
  • Maryanne F.

    Rehabilitation after 3 back surgeries and 1 neck surgery in 2-1/2 years was very hard. Hope made it easy and fun! Wonderful and knowledgeable people made it worry free! Thanks for a great experience!

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