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Welcome to Hope Physical Therapy and Aquatics in League City, Texas

Hope Physical Therapy & Aquatics has been in business since 2003 dedicated to the best quality care available to our patients and long term solutions for their conditions. Hope Physical Therapy & Aquatics is locally owned and operated by Chris Emrich, who is dedicated to the health and well being of the people in our community. We have years of success and thousands of happy patients. Our patients are all unique individuals, so are their conditions, and their treatment for healing.

Our Therapists:
  • We listen.
  • We identify what specific tissue is painful and treat the cause of that pain.
  • We address the whole body.
  • We work to help make you stronger, stable, and better able to heal to protect your future health.
  • We combine hands on treatment with the appropriate dosing of exercises to achieve maximal function.


  • Chance C.

    I really had very little 'hope' that my arm would ever feel even remotely normal again. I couldn't understand why it couldn't move and why it felt the way it did. In therapy I was reminded that what I was feeling and the limitations that I had were normal progressions from my injury. They each had their own positive contributions and professional techniques that comforted me and encouraged me to keep in mind where my shoulder needed to be.
  • Carol H.

    I had problems walking and staying in one position for long periods of time. Gardening was out of the question. Lifting boxes and general housework was difficult, and all was very painful. I can now do all of those tasks with little or no pain. Everyone explained the exercises and their purpose. The Therapists were all friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Marc D.

    I knew I had some deficits walking, especially uneven surfaces and with sudden movements. I feel much more comfortable moving around (I even danced a little, my last day) and have learned to modify some day to day activities to get me through the day and night. Strong work by Dr. Christina and the HOPE staff.
  • Kay A.

    My left arm was weak and I couldn't reach higher than my waist. I could not put my left arm behind my back and I had trouble sleeping on my left side. I can now carry 4 bags of groceries in each hand and lift them both at the same time and place them on the counter. I can reach behind my back and sleep on my left side.
  • John R.

    I was in constant pain. I was unable to walk around the block. I couldn't get in and out of bed or the car without awful pain. I feared that I would be crippled for life. After completing my PT my pain is only situational and much less. I can walk 2 miles in 34 minutes, do chores, and get in and out bed and the car with little pain. I LOVE HOPE PT+A!
  • Hazel C.

    I was unable to sit and walk for very long. After completing my therapy I can now walk for ½ mile, sit, and stand without help. Everybody here has been very helpful and kind.
  • Grace L.

    I had lots of pain and movement restrictions post-surgery. After completing my PT I am feeling and moving a lot better.
  • Edith J.

    I had weakness and tingling in my leg. After therapy, the tingling is gone and my leg is stronger.
  • Christina M.

    I was having pain with everyday tasks. Getting my son in and out of the car seat, carrying things with my right arm and even reaching up hurt. After therapy, I am able to do everything pain-free now and my shoulder and arm are stronger. The Physical Therapists really know what they are doing here.
  • Delia M.

    I was in a lot of pain, unable to do my daily activities. The problem with my left shoulder prevented me from combing my hair properly too. Now I can do my daily work, back to knitting and crocheting, also painting. I am able to comb my hair and take care of myself much better.
  • Marilyn D.

    I had extreme pain when reaching up or behind my back. I had trouble using my pool skimmer as well. After completing therapy, I am able to do all these tasks again and can reach up higher than before.
  • John R. (Reed)

    I was coming off of a hip replacement surgery. I couldn't do much of anything. After completing my PT I am back to my normal activities without pain.
  • Brent B.

    I started going to Hope Physical Therapy after I was unable to recover from a level 3 shoulder separation. Richard, Dr. Camaron and Brendan were able to work with me to get my shoulder back to where I can now lift weights and swim. They were very knowledgeable about my injury and were able to show me exercises that help tremendously.
  • Robert L.

    Before I started therapy at HOPE Physical Therapy and Aquatics, I was having some balance issues, tremors interfered with eating (esp. soup or salad) and felt less ‘stable’. I was running into walls and stumbled while walking dog on uneven surfaces. As a result of my physical therapy at HOPE Physical Therapy and Aquatics I feel much better balanced, have a couple of techniques (finger flinches, and “BIG” fingers) to help control tremors in my right hand, and better stability walking. Even my chiropractor has noticed the “BIG” improvement.
  • Christopher B.

    Hope is the first place I have ever gone for treatment that has actually helped. I have tried chiropractors, massage places, and pain doctors and none of it has even come close to the progress I’ve made here. Before Hope I couldn’t even get up out of bed without rolling off, and now, my abs are strong enough to be all I need. My pain levels have gone down tremendously thanks to everyone at Hope. Thanks ya’ll!
  • Mary Lou M.

    I learned a lot and everyone was kind and took care of me. They were always concerned with how I felt and made sure I was not doing too much. They know what they are doing. But most of all, they all worked together to make my knee get better.
  • Richard F.

    Kristen was great. She was patient, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and caring. She was very understanding and always concerned about my pain level. I couldn't have been in better hands.
  • Leo T.

    I started out with pain in my right shoulder and limited range of motion. Upon completion, my range of motion was greatly restored and pain was almost non-existent. My therapy was very successful - What more could I have asked?
  • Maryanne F.

    Rehabilitation after 3 back surgeries and 1 neck surgery in 2-1/2 years was very hard. Hope made it easy and fun! Wonderful and knowledgeable people made it worry free! Thanks for a great experience!

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