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Preston Harrison, September 2017

I started with James Poenitzsch at Hope Physical Therapy and Aquatics. I had 13 sessions with him. James has an excellent approach to therapy– humor, encouragement, and also advice on not overdoing it. On days when therapy seemed extra hard, he offered encouragement and on days when I felt really good, he protected me from over doing my exercises and then really hurting the next day. Fifteen weeks after my first knee replacement, I had my other knee replaced. I made arrangements with the surgeon’s surgical coordinator to go back to James for my physical therapy and thereby skipping the in home therapy in order to start with James as soon after the surgery as possible. I had another 14 sessions with James and didn’t have any of the in home therapy which I had with my first knee replacement. Both of my knees are now doing very well. I can do pretty much anything I could before my knee problems.

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